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Polizei 144 — the world's infamous outlaw racing team — was founded in 2002 by Alex Roy, who has set or broken more underground endurance driving records than anyone aliveEasily recognized by their customizable police motojackets and car liveries, Polizei 144 dominated races and rallies like the Gumball 3000 and Bullrun from 2003 to 2007, after which Roy led the effort that shattered the Cannonball Run record by over an hour.

Total time from New York to LA? 31 hours, 4 minutes.

The Cannonball record is depicted in Roy's book The Driver, and the documentary 32 Hours, 7 Minutes.

As of 2017, Polizei 144 has set or broken dozens more driving records, only 8 of which are currently public, and will be revealed when it becomes legally possible to do so.

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